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Experts in
non-forceful  dog behavioral training

We believe in training that is fun, engaging, and effective for both you and your furry friend.

Dog Trainer with dog

What Our Happy Clients Say

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ahmed a few times. He is truely one of the most exceptional dog trainers I have ever met. He transformed the way both of my dogs behave in just a session or two. His passion and dedication to helping both pets and their owners was evident right from the start.”

Joy & Bosco

Lola and Angelina on lawn.jpg
“After three sessions over a few months, I am more equipped to provide position training, I have the tools and equipment, and Ahmed gave me more confidence in my training abilities. I look forward to working with Ahmed in the future as we start a family and continue to train Lola. Animal behavior and companionship with humans is a constant learning experience, and Ahmed is the best trainer to have by your side.”

Angelina & Lola

“We have been working with Ahmed for a few months and he has done an excellent job of working with not only our pups but us. Ahmed is not only training your dog cues or behaviors but also training you
how to interact and communicate with your dog to set yourself up for the best results. Ahmed has
approached work with us and our dogs with great care”

Brandon & Cooper & Stella

Our Doggie Customers: joyfully content

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