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Our Testimonials. On this page, you will find dog training reviews from some of our wonderful clients. All client reviews are from real people we have worked with and have been kind enough to write a review.


-Joy & Bosco

I have had the pleasure of working with Ahmed a few times. He is truly one of the most exceptional dog trainers I have ever met. He transformed the way both of my dogs behave in just a session or two. His passion and dedication to helping both pets and their owners was evident right from the start. One aspect that particularly impressed me was Ahmed’s emphasis on educating the owners. He explained the underlying principles of dog behavior and taught me how to effectively communicate with both of my pups. This knowledge empowered me to continue reinforcing the training and ensure consistent progress even after the sessions had concluded. Throughout our training sessions, Ahmed exhibited remarkable patience and professionalism. He has an incredible ability to communicate with dogs, using positive reinforcement techniques to encourage desired behaviors. His expertise and knowlege extended beyond the basics. He provided guidance on more complex behavioral issues that I was experiencing with my pups. His calm and compassionate demeanor not only put my dogs at ease, but also made our training sessions enjoyable for everyone. Ahmed genuinely loves animals. It was evident that he cares about the welfare of the animals that he works with. He created a nurturing environment where both of my dogs felt safe, loved, and motivated to learn. This nurturing approach not only accelerated the training process but also built a trusting bond between my dog and the trainer. Ahmed’s comprehensive approach addressed all aspects of my dog's well-being, resulting in a more confident, well-mannered, and happier pup.

Lola and Angelina on lawn.jpg

Lola & Angelina

In January 2023, our family met Ahmed for dog training in our home. Before the initial evaluation, Ahmed sent me web links and a list of toys and supplies to purchase for the training sessions. Ahmed gave clear expectations for the first meeting, Ahmed first spoke with my husband and I about behaviors we observed in Lola, habits, and concerns. Ahmed then met Lola and conducted an assessment, different tests to observe Lola's reactions. Ahmed followed up after the first meeting with a behavior modification plan and gave me some commands and easy tips to implement at home immediately to provide stimulation to Lola and redirect her energy. Between training sessions, Ahmed provided YouTube videos so I could learn other ways to train Lola. In the home during training sessions, Ahmed actually is training us, the dog parents, specifically when it comes to timing of the onset command, observing the dog's reaction, and then providing the reward and click at the right time. After three sessions over a few months, I am more equipped to provide position training, I have the tools and equipment, and Ahmed gave me more confidence in my training abilities. I look forward to working with Ahmed in the future as we start a family and continue to train Lola. Animal behavior and companionship with humans is a constant learning experience, and Ahmed is the best trainer to have by your side. He is patient, understands dog psychology, and always provides new methods and incentives to train our dog. I recommend Ahmed as your dog trainer, 5 gold stars!


-Brandon &
Cooper & Stella

We have been working with Ahmed for a few months and he has done an excellent job of working with not only our pups, but us. Ahmed is not only training your dog cues or behaviors but also training you how to interact and communicate with your dog to set yourself up for the best results. Ahmed has approached work with us and our dogs with great care making sure to make the dogs feel as comfortable as possible and in turn makes you as an owner comfortable. Our Cooper over the past couple of months working with Ahmed has really bonded with him and has learned a lot of useful cues and redirections to give us the behaviors we want from him. Ahmed has approached teaching Cooper and us with great curiosity listening to what we have to say about the way he has behaved, what we would like to have happen, and really drilling down the “why” for why Cooper would behave in certain undesirable ways. From there Ahmed provides us the best tools to correct or teach Cooper what we want him to do. We cannot recommend Ahmed enough to work with you and your pup! You can tell he truly does what he does because he has passion for the job and the dogs and takes a very personal stake in the process.


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